Required Blog Post #19: Branding Moodboard

After exploring my brand using the Discovery Map exercise, I synthesized my findings into three key words; trust, alert, and relief. I felt that these three specific words help express what I want the user to feel about my brand. As I was going through the discovery map, it was hard at first to narrow down to just three words that would describe my brand because I felt that I wanted the user to feel so many things from my brand. After grouping words together and examining the similarities, it then became easier to analyze the three main concepts.


Trust is an important aspect and the most important key takeaway I want my brand/app to have. I want the users to be able to have trust and reliability toward believing my app will help wake them up when necessary. My main focus is to make sure I will be able to have their trust by simplifying the main feature screens so the user can experience, test, and understand.



My app’s main feature and function is the alert system. It needs to stand out that it is different from just any alarm clock because it works with the GPS tracking system as well. The important part about my alert feature is that the user will be able to customize how they would like to wake up in the ‘settings’ button.



Relief is the second most important aspect of my app. I want the users to have a feeling of relief and be worry free. Their well-being is kept in mind and being as less stressed or worried about waking up on time is what I have come to understand. Something as small as being late to work, school, or missing the train or bus stop, can throw off someone’s entire day. I want my users to start and end their days right. My app can aid this process!


After researching my three main key points in several websites such as Google and Pinterest, I have discovered the imagery meaning behind these words which played a role in my mood board process. This has been a rough week once again for me but every time I catch back up on my branding, wire framing, and researching, the work seems to be coming together finally.


Required Blog Post #17: Winter Break Progress Reflection & Event Previews

Part 1 Reflection:

After my December pitch at Bureau Blank, I left feeling confident about my product and app. I was able to answer all questions, along with write down and research further suggestions to look into and consider. A few weeks into winter break I started thinking again “well what if it did this…” and “what else can it do…” I was overthinking again and kept forgetting to just step back and think back to what Professor Kolk and Professor Lee had said which was “Solve one problem really well.”

I considered all the competition and thought, I don’t want to introduce another wristband, but why not design on a new platform? So I chose to design an app for the Apple Watch. This led me to researching the technology and anatomy of the Apple Watch and all its features along with future apps made for the watch.

After I had proof of the technology being available, I looked into whatever I could about any apps that will be coming out for the watch. I reviewed what the apps, buttons and features looked like. I then realized I was looking way to far into the entire project’s look to it rather than the whole idea.

Part 2 Events:

1-“Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, the Elements of Conducting Useful Design Research.” -Wednesday Feb 18

2-“Employment Strategies.”-Thursday February 26