Required Blog Post #17: Winter Break Progress Reflection & Event Previews

Part 1 Reflection:

After my December pitch at Bureau Blank, I left feeling confident about my product and app. I was able to answer all questions, along with write down and research further suggestions to look into and consider. A few weeks into winter break I started thinking again “well what if it did this…” and “what else can it do…” I was overthinking again and kept forgetting to just step back and think back to what Professor Kolk and Professor Lee had said which was “Solve one problem really well.”

I considered all the competition and thought, I don’t want to introduce another wristband, but why not design on a new platform? So I chose to design an app for the Apple Watch. This led me to researching the technology and anatomy of the Apple Watch and all its features along with future apps made for the watch.

After I had proof of the technology being available, I looked into whatever I could about any apps that will be coming out for the watch. I reviewed what the apps, buttons and features looked like. I then realized I was looking way to far into the entire project’s look to it rather than the whole idea.

Part 2 Events:

1-“Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, the Elements of Conducting Useful Design Research.” -Wednesday Feb 18

2-“Employment Strategies.”-Thursday February 26


One thought on “Required Blog Post #17: Winter Break Progress Reflection & Event Previews

  1. Thanks Michelle! Was this post a draft? I noticed it’s incomplete. Please revisit the blog requirements and follow the instructions to make sure your future posts are complete.


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