Required Blog Post #27: Final Pitch Prep: Demo Day Update


1Q- How will GPS know where your stop is if it is not based off of the LIRR train schedule?

1A- My app is designed for GPS tracking through location services within the Apple Watch so that it is not based off of just the LIRR or MTA system.

2Q- Why is this different from a phone alarm?

2A- A phone is not attached to your wrist at all times, therefore it does not have that ‘technology to skin’ contact in order to feel the vibration of the alarm. It differentiates itself with the unique alarm settings.

3Q- Will subways be able to use this if they lose GPS?

3A- I have researched into the subway system and I am aware that not all subway lines have GPS. So this will not work for all subway systems. My first intentions are above ground transit, and with further traction, research and technology, perhaps subway systems can be developed within the app in the near future.

4Q- Will the app have sound as well?

4A- As of right now there is no sound on the app’s alarm. This is to make the point that not everyone wakes up to the sound of an alarm, but perhaps the vibrating notion on the skin will be more effective.

5Q- Is the ‘miles before’ option necessary?

5A- No it is optional to choose this. This is for users who would like a little more ample time to gather their belongings before they need to get off at their stop.

6Q- There seems to be quite some competition, what is so much better about Doze than these other apps?

6A- For one, Doze is only for the Apple Watch, making the point again for the technology to skin contact ensuring the user will wake up. Second, other apps lack in areas such as basing their alarm off of the actual train schedule, or very few options to an alarm melody, and making the app itself complex while offering too many features. Doze is simple for the on-the-go commuter using only two features, and a favorites to refer back to easily.

7Q- Will you feel the vibration strength before the alarm goes off to test it?

7A- As your finger scrolls up and down the strength bar, you will feel the intensity on the wrist as the Apple Watch uses its Taptic Engine to do so.

8Q- Is the 30 second max snooze option necessary?

8A- I found amongst the commuters I have researched that ‘snooze’ was a big issue for waking up. I thought that if there was only a 30 second max rather than a few minutes, leading to missing the stop, that would play a conscious role in the user to think ‘uh-oh I can’t snooze again.’

9Q- What if commuters cannot afford the Apple Watch?

9A- I understand that the Apple Watch is going to be expensive. I have also taken into consideration that the iPhone sells itself, so I thought, could Apple Watch be the next best thing? Will Apple Watches be as important to have as the iPhones are? Although taking another route, if this is such a universal problem, perhaps the advertising of the app itself will encourage users to purchase.

10Q- Will it be necessary for this app to be downloaded on the iPhone too?

10A- No this app is solely based for the Apple Watch, again using its technology to skin contact will only ensure users they will wake up. Using this app on a regular phone will only see this app as another alarm.

11Q- Can this app work outside of just transit systems?

11A- Yes this app is based off of GPS tracking, not transit systems. If I were to have my friend drive me home at night, I can set my alarm to wake me when I am almost home. If I were taking a road trip and was a passenger in the backseat, I could set my alarm to wake me for when we arrive into another state. This of course is the secondary use for the app.

12Q- Your target market has a wide range of ages of the users, why is this?

12A- I based my target market around the people I have interviewed which were city school commuters, city work commuters, and simple Long Island train commute. It seemed that the problem was apparent amongst late-night studying students, hardworking city workers, as well as sleepy commuters who simply fall asleep to the notion of the train or bus.

13Q- It seems that this app is based mainly off of the train although you say it is used outside of the train, why are you pushing so much for the train?

13A- Due to my primary target audience of city commuters whether they are commuting to and from school or work, I wanted the primary use of this app to be geared toward them. For future development I want to also point out the secondary uses which would be if a user falls asleep during a  long road trip and wants to be awake during a certain state that is reached. Another example could be on a bus and wanting to wake up before they reach their final destination in order to collect their bags or luggage before getting off. Thank you for pointing that out!


I would like to try a few more runs without the computer in front of me because I felt I was more distracted by the way I looked or was moving rather than what I was saying. I know that movement is just as important while presenting, but I believe my main concern lies within the core and making sure I get to the point fast enough to not lose the audience’s attention.



With revisions to come I need to be quicker and to the point with my explanations of the competition and why Doze is better, along with what really differentiates my three target audiences. The business portion I was having trouble with. After speaking with Professor Lee I thought it was time consuming to list and name each cost, and to just point out important factors in this slide.



I want my exhibition to relay the message of identifying and solving the problem. My idea was to interact with the viewers to discover where potential victims have fallen asleep while in transit on a map of Long Island, using my branding. This is to gain more traction and to show that it is a universal issue.

The next step is to display how the watch works, whether it be a flip book of the screens on a mockup watch on the podium for the view to expose themselves to.

I need some sort of example ‘vibrating’ object to show the intensity of the alarm that will be set off. I am still researching further examples as to what this example might be.

My poster will simply be one of the marketing ads that I have made toward the campaign, with a call to action ‘Never Miss Your Stop.’ I am still working on what else is important to go into the poster for the viewer to walk away with a complete understanding as to what Doze will do.

My progress this past week has pretty good. Between the practice final pitch and today’s FSAG pitch, I feel I am getting a lot of practice pitching my Senior Project. I feel as if I do need to synthesize some areas so I do not keep going over my time. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!


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