Required Blog Post #25: Editorial Design Research


Book: Wall Street

Designer: Hirooki Aoki/Getty Images

Inspiration: Although this may look like a modern book with just text over an image, the perspective says a lot. I see this photo working with the title because Wall Street is intimidating, strong, and fierce, as is being one person looking up into the skyscrapers of Manhattan. It is one photo that says a lot.



Book: Even Silence Has An End

Designer: Carol Devine Carson | Photographer: Christine Rodin

Inspiration: This book cover keeps me in wonder as to what the image is behind the black bars. It creates suspicion to make the reader want to read into the book.



Book: The Science of the Bottom Line

Designer: Oliver Munday

Inspiration: The book is split in half of what the human mind consists of, and what it could be capable of. It shows a split of what people know and do not know in a visual.



Book: Ugly Man

Designer: Milan Bozic | Photographer: Amana Productions Inc.

Inspiration: I thought the first look of this book was funny because it is just a pickle and nothing more. But the title intrigues me to want to know who the Ugly Man is. The title and the photo do not match nor make sense. But curiosity arises.



Book: Adland

Designer: Matt Dorfman

Inspiration: The combination of the blocky pixelated text and two fighting chickens are both very different but working together. It balances itself with the idea of two letters ‘AD’ and two chickens below them.



Book: Triangular Road

Designer: Nicole Caputo | Paule Marshall

Inspiration: It is successful that the three photos on the cover work with the title in that they are creating triangles. It already shows that the story goes in depth with history and heritage.



Book: Mother California

Designers: Jason Booher & Helen Yentus

Inspiration: The cover makes an impact of stress and fear. It looks as if the words were scratched vigorously. The colors black and red are fearful and dark which the story may reflect.



Book: Mr. Peanut

Designer: Peter Mendelsund

Inspiration: I like that the small circles of different shades of a few colors can make up a picture as a whole, especially because the picture is a skull.



Book: Mandela

Designer: Pete Garceau | Getty Images

Inspiration: The photo is a cropped close up of a woman’s face. It is impactful because it shows emotion.



Book: Contemporary Athletics and Ancient Greek Ideals

Designer: Isaac Tobin

Inspiration: I like that the designer took a history piece and contemporary together and put humor into the cover.


I have learned that with these book covers, the designers had the intention of wanting the reader or viewer to not only want to pick up the book, but to pick it up with suspicion, concern, and wonder. The designer wanted to play with the title along with the photograph in a specific way. I want my book cover to cause the same wonder as well as being playful. I have only a few ideas for my cover and only using the logo. I haven’t explored other options for my cover because I was restricting myself to just my brand and logo. I see that it can be so much more or so much less, by thinking outside of the box. I will think of what more can my cover offer rather than just the simplicity of a logo.

This past week I feel was a big turn around along with a boost of confidence. After making it to the regional round in the DARE competition, I started to think about how many opportunities I must have missed because I never tried to compete nor did I ever think ‘you never know.’ After receiving my merit I then thought maybe not think what have I missed, but what is yet to come. Perhaps now is the time that things will start to look up, and I will start pushing my ideas forward rather than abandoning them.


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