Ongoing Research #27:

After doing research for my Senior Exhibition, I realized I did not want my 4×4 space to be just a plain dull area for viewers to walk past. I wanted to leave the audience with something to remember. In my research I came across a project called, “The Future Beneath Us,” a 2009 New York Transit Museum exhibition. The installation seemed interesting and inviting. Not only does the installation include pictures and captions, but it holds its branding across the board.

What I thought was extremely interesting was the four pipes displayed on the wall to show what the commuters don’t know or see what’s beneath them while in transit. “The Madison Avenue and 34th Street windows of the exhibition were covered in one-way view digital adhesive mesh graphic that remained transparent inside the installation.”

This was considered some of the largest underground engineering projects ever. In relation, the exhibition also worked well with its pairing brochure and poster to advertise. I thought it was success in that its branding was so cohesive within the print work while relating back to its exhibit. I need to make sure that I will be including my branding within my exhibit and not abandon specific aspects of it. Across the board I want to be cohesive.



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