Required Blog Post #30: Parting Thoughts



1- Keep up with the blogs! Once it is posted, do it now so you won’t save for later.

2- Write down every single idea, screen shot every inspirational piece.

3- Take pictures of everything you think you want to include toward your project.

4- Keep a clean neat track record of all your interviews, bibliography, dates, etc.

5- Attend events that may or may not help you with your project, you never know what will persuade and inspire you to sway a different direction.

6- Do more than what is expected. If the presentation requires 1-2 slides for one topic, it is not literal. Do what you think works best for the way you are presenting it.

7- QUIT YOUR JOB! Just kidding, but this is definitely a time to cut back on hours or quit that second job. I had to quit my second job, luckily saved up enough money to last me through senior project. But understand your priorities. Degree > Paycheck


1- Don’t wait to do the blog until the night of because you think you will do it and then in the end will forget because you have something more important to do.

2- Don’t only do what is required. Do more to help push your senior project to help the audience better understand what you are trying to accomplish.

3- Don’t abandon your senior project. Don’t make this something that you will work on once or twice a week. You are working on this for an ENTIRE YEAR. Make it something you are passionate about and will not bore you for the whole year.

4- Don’t be a class loner! Communicate with your classmates and shoot out ideas. Ideas spark more ideas, even if it’s a stupid idea! You never know what can come from the help of your classmates.

5- Don’t only make this your senior project. Make this more. ENTER THE DARE COMPETITION! Enter Grant competitions! You never know how far you may come. This is something so simple to enter into, along with putting into your resume.

6- Don’t lose touch! These are your classmates that you have worked so hard with this entire year. You will all struggle, succeed, cry, and laugh. But you are in this together and it is important that you all have each others support!


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