Blog Post #22: Spring Break Planning

1: My To Do List:

Blog Posts: I need to keep up on all my blog posts and explain in detail all the sites and videos I have saved in my bookmarks to show what has helped me conquer my tasks thus far. If possible I need to post the blogs before the actual due date so it will help me manage my time and use my free time more wisely toward more important work.

Branding: I need to truly define my logo and definite colors that will help illustrate my brand. After using the technique from our last class listing the ’emotion’ our logo gives off, I went back to thinking if the logo exactly gives this off. I will work with a clean slate and list the colors I have chosen, the tool kit, my other options and why they have not worked, etc.

Wireframes: I will refine my wireframes using the colors I choose within my brand so it will relate back to my brand. I want to further test my user interface on more users and get more feedback. I believe the more feedback from different ages of people would be interesting to see as well how they react and interact with the watch app.

Marketing: I have been in contact with a marketer for specific deliverables I feel comfortable that will help explain my brand that I can use toward my give-aways. I need to follow up with more information as to cost and quantity.

Photoshoot: I will create a complete written out director’s edition to how exactly the photoshoot will be constructed. I must conduct a short and quick to the point video concept that I’ve had in mind. I must also further research how exactly I will use photographs such as what angles, who is in the shot, where will they be, etc. I want for the pictures to be understanding in what I am trying to portray rather than just a product shot of the Apple Watch.

Pitch Book: My biggest concern for the book is to have a simple look and feel to it that will relate back to my brand. My senior project is simple and to the point in the problem that I am trying to solve, as should my book will be. I will revise the content so that it is also understanding and to the point.

2: Detailed Schedule:


I plan to stick to my calendar day by day and if I find extra free time before the photoshoot I want to better refine my UX and brand. If I find more free time after the photoshoot I want to be executing my ads for how I will be marketing my app!

3: Final Pitch Inventory: 

Introduction- Hello everybody and thank you for joining us this evening! My name is Michelle Gannon and I am very proud to be sharing with you my senior project. Has anyone here ever fallen asleep on the train and woken up at the wrong stop? And then forced to take an expensive cab to drive you back home? It sucks doesn’t it?! Being that I am a twenty-four year old working two jobs and attend school, I am notorious for unintentionally falling asleep. To help this problem that I share with many others, I designed an app for the Apple Watch. I introduce to you, Doze.

Demo Day Inventory- Presentation, video clip on Youtube (commercial-based, or on website) business cards, inflatable neck pillow give-aways, brochure, poster, travel coffee mug

Work Process- I have a lot of work ahead of me. I need to be working on something every single day up until the day we come back to class. I need to follow my calendar of what needs to be done and respect my timeline and deadlines. I think reaching out to other students in the class and other class to give feedback is a big help to see where everyone else’s thoughts are at in regards to what I do and don’t need to help me move forward.

My progress has been slow but I think for this next week coming up I will learn a lot more about my brand after doing the photoshoot and understanding the connection between the user, the emotion of my brand, and the experience throughout Doze as a whole.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #22: Spring Break Planning

  1. Nice job Michelle. This blog post is incomplete, could you please add the full content? Also, I noticed your pitch inventory is incorrect. It would be helpful to see your correct pitch inventory.


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