Required Blog Post #16: Winter Break Planning


Attached is my schedule for winter break moving forward. It may vary due to my work schedule but I plan on reading a few chapters every week in the “Designing Brand Identity” textbook along with a few other textbooks that I have purchase.” After starting to read the textbook I plan to truly define my prototype with all its features and be able to refine and redesign and refine and redesign to the point where I am able to answer any question thrown my way about it. I have a lot of research that I have done behind the technology and other competing products. I want my unique proposition to have its own niche to stand out from the others.

What am I doing right?

I set my schedule so that I am keeping up with certain tasks for senior project every night leading up to the first day of classes again. Of course there will be time needed for a break and hopefully if I follow through with quitting one of my jobs, I will have more time for refining my prototype along with taking breaks from it.

How do I prioritize tasks?

In my calendar I set out what I should be doing everyday and how far in advance or early in advance I need to be getting the important things done. This helps me see my schedule visually without writing it down on paper and all of a sudden my time management skills go out the window and everything is due that week. I want everything done and refined a week before the class unless it is just final last minute touches.

What can I improve to make my process more efficient?

I have time management skills due to working over 50 hours a week and just lack of sleep for that matter. It is time to take a breather next semester. If something doesn’t change I won’t be able to get through this class. I know I have the skills I just need to show it. I need to keep up with my calendar daily and weekly to understand what needs to be done day to done instead of all in one shot, and then an overview every week of what I have accomplished.

Senior Project Inventory:

I need to truly define every screen for my app and notes as to how it is correlating with the bracelet. I want people to understand right away what exactly I am bringing to the user.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Business cards, flyers, poster

Give-Away Items:

perhaps a mock wristband to hand out to potential users in multiple colors


I feel that my progress doesn’t truly show until the very end which I would like to change about my last semester here. I want do progress every week as I continue with senior project. I have done a lot of research throughout the semester on the technology and idea behind my idea but haven’t successfully sourced all my sites in MLA formatting yet. I want to be more organized because I have so many things written down or saved on my computer and I need to organize everything into ONE notebook and ONE folder for senior project. I also plan to constantly revise my portfolio along with buying a portfolio case with inserts. I think this will very much fulfill my confidence in my work, I know it is there, but I need to have my presentation toward projects crisp and clean!


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