Ongoing Research #15:

I came across an advertisement for a new app called ‘Tile.’ It is an app that comes with a pairing tile-like one inch square, made for people who tend to forget or lose things, which solves the problem of these people misplacing their belongings.

The Tile app casts a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet in reach of the small tile square. The app can track down any belonging you attach this tile to, such as car keys, a wallet, a bag, or any tangible item. The Tile can support up to 8 Tiles to track through the app.

“When you begin searching for a lost item, your phone tracks the Bluetooth signal strength of your Tile. As you get closer, the app’s tracking circle fills in, giving you a clear indication of your progress. Once the user approaches closer, the Tile will play a melody until it is safely back to its owner.


I was ecstatic when I came across this app and tile! But I’m so mad that I didn’t know about this sooner! About five months ago I had my younger brother drive me to the train because I was going to the city. I left him my car keys because I forgot to leave them in the house because I had to lock my front door. I put my keys in his cup holder and told him to place it somewhere in my room. The next morning I can NOT find my keys anywhere that my brother claimed he had put them. Since then I have cleaned my room out four times thoroughly and have yet to find my car keys! Within the first week of losing them I ended up buying a new set for $400 plus the tow to get my car towed to Nissan in order for them to reprogram a new set. I was never given a backup spare key when I first purchased my car which baffled me.

If I had this app and tile five months ago, I would have revealed where my keys really went…

This app and tile relates back to my senior project because it is a tracking app that connects back to its product purchased by the user. I am actually deciding on purchasing this app and tile because there have been so many times where it would have came in handy when I have lost my keys several times.

“How It Works | Tile.” Tile. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2014.


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