Required Blog Post #14: Design Studio

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Finally designing my rough prototype helped me visually see what was and was not working within my app. I downloaded a few apps relative to mine to help me better understand what exactly I am looking for. I sketched out a few screens while referring back to my group design studio sketches and ideas before coming to a final rough draft of my screens. I then showed several users in order to fathom their user experience. I was asked a few questions along the way, some questions relative to where certain buttons are which were missing at first, then added after revised. I wrote down all questions that were asked, along with my own questions that I have asked myself while looking at relating apps. This helped me steer toward an interprettation of what features I need in order for my app to be easy to grasp and perceive. I have always learned to ask questions even if they are the simplest of all, and writing down all these questions that I am asked will surely help me in the design process.

Billstein, Keith. “Prototype Interview.” Phone Interview. 30. November. 2014.

Davis, Vincent. “Prototype Interview.” Personal Interview. 30. November. 2014.

Gannon, Joseph. “Prototype Interview.” Phone Interview. 30. November. 2014.

Gilligan, Rebecca. “Prototype Interview.” Personal Interview. 30. November. 2014.

Silva, Zachary. “Prototype Interview.” Personal Interview. 30. November. 2014.

After my prototype interviews I had taken a lot of notes depicting what exactly the user was having trouble seeing or understanding. I wrote down questions such as:

“Where is the map?”

“Will there be a sync button?”

“Will the app automatically sync on its own?”

“What if there is lagging?”

“In the map will there be a compass to show North, East, West, South?”

“Can I edit notes into the calendar?”

“The calendar will highlight what day it is right?”

“Can you make the chart easier to understand?”

After revising after these questions, I still had some trouble coming along with final decisions on my roughs.

I had too many ideas and thought back on when I was constantly told “LESS IS MORE” and how simplifying things makes everything easier. So I cut back on a lot of what my screens were portraying. I believe after downloading several apps to understand where several UX designers were coming from truly helped me move forward in simplifying my features. I am excited to start branding over winter break now that I have purchased the textbook “Designing Brand Identity.”

My progress this past week wasn’t as much up to par as I would have liked it to be. I did not have much time in creating the app to the best of my abilities, although it was only a rough. But I enjoyed the thinking process as I was working through it. I am learning every week that every design or idea is all about the thought behind the final product. Yes it may take time to sketch, create, and design, but things then fall into place while doing so.


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