Required Blog Post #10: Customer Segments, Value Proposition, Customer Interviews

[product] Customer Segments

My product is based on a niche market of users. It will create value for the customer who falls asleep while they are commuting.

My most important customers will be people who take the train or drive a car during their commute.

[product] Value Proposition

Other vibrating wristbands similar to mine offer values such as silently vibrating to wake you up without disturbing your partner, wake you up within a 20 minute interval to ease waking up, or differentiating your fitness vs. sleep. My product will differ from the others in that it will wake you up solely when in transit at the exact stop you want to be awake for.


My product is a vibrating wristband to be used by people who commute late at night that solves the problem of waking up at the wrong train stop.


-People who work late at night work long and late hours.

-People who drive late at night will fall asleep at the wheel and may cause an accident.

-People who commute drunk on the train end up passing out and miss their stop.

-People that work late have bad sleeping habits.

5 W&H

WHO: Who is falling asleep behind the wheel?

Who is falling asleep on the train?

WHAT: What are their sleeping habits?

What are their struggles waking up?

What is their sleep schedule like?

What is their work schedule like?

WHERE: Where are most people going to be wearing this wristband?

WHEN: When would people be wearing this wristband?

When should they set it?

WHY: Why would someone need this wristband oppose to other similar products?

HOW: How do they set up the wristband?

How often do they need to access it?


-Late night workers



-Long Island/Boroughs


-Catering halls




Hello, my name is Michelle Gannon and I am a Graphic Design student at Farmingdale State University. For my Senior Project & Portfolio class, I am designing a vibrating wristband product that will in turn resolve the problem of people falling asleep behind the wheel or on the train. I would like to ask for about fifteen minutes of your time for a short interview if you don’t mind. Your perception of my product will truly help me to devise my thesis. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your consideration!

1) Please state your name, age, and occupation.

2) Explain to me your work schedule (days and times) throughout the week.

3) Describe to me the last time you’ve used public transportation late at night.

3a) If they were out partying: Share with me the last time you’ve ever passed out drunk on a train and missed your stop.

          What did you do after that?

3b) If they were commuting home from work: Have you ever fallen asleep on the  way home and missed your stop? What did you do after that?

4) Tell me about your last experience with driving home late from work.

4a) If they were tired driving: Have you ever caught yourself dozing off at the wheel or even at a red light. (yes/no)

4b) Follow up with: Have you ever experienced another driver dozing off at the wheel with you or around you? (yes/no/explanation)

5) In what ways do you think you can prevent yourself from being a victim of falling asleep on the train and missing your stop?

6) In what ways do you think you can prevent yourself from being in a potential car accident from dozing at the wheel and risking yours or someone else’s life?

Interviews [first findings]

Interviews [second findings]


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