Required Blog Post 9: Event Preview

ADC Gallery, 106 West 29th Street, New York, NY

Thursday October 23rd, 5:30 pm-6:30 pm Panel Discussion

The event I chose to register in attending is actually for this Thursday. It is called “Beyond Storytelling,” which entails a special talk bringing together communication and how it plays a role in advertising campaigns and brand activations.The event will approach the importance of public relation programs and communication strategies. It will answer the following questions:

  • Why is storytelling still important to brands and agencies today?
  • How do we encourage creativity in communications – from innovative visual ways to tell a story to new ways to create interactivity?
  • Who owns a brands story?
  • Where does the line of storytelling end and where does experience start?
  • How the right communications strategy can drive a more powerful brand marketing plan


Tyler Gray, Editorial Director, Creative Newsroom, Edelman

Heather Stern, CMO, LIppincott

Andrew Fingerman, Media Director, MRY

Shoshana Winter, Executive Planning Director, Digital Integration, mcgarrybowen

I believe this event will help me overall in Senior Project and Portfolio because it is revealing the underlying story behind an idea or project, and turning this into a concept. This is actually my main issue when starting any type of project for school or work. I am hoping to get a lot out of this event by taking notes and possibly meeting with the speakers during the reception hour. It will be awesome to see how people in the ‘Real World’ take their storytelling into conceptual planning and designing. I would like to indulge my brain with various resources and ideas from this event that I can eventually learn and teach myself.

My progress this week has been gradually elevating. I have definitely picked up the work pace this past week by spreading out my homework and interviews little by little everyday, and planned the same for the upcoming week with my interviews. I plan to accomplish this time management skill throughout the remaining weeks, but overall with everything I do. It is all about planning ahead along with planning backwards. My only issue is to remember to look at my calendar for appointments, homework’s, events, etc. so I do not fall behind again!Crossing my fingers!


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