Ongoing Research #7:

This tutorial shows design different from what I have ever tried. This tutorial shows how you can make an abstract collage of drawings. This caught my interest because I want to be more in touch with my traditional skills again and perhaps follow this tutorial to try something new. I suggest this article to anybody interested in making something colorful, abstract, different, and out of the ordinary.

Moving forward I would like to follow tutorials in illustrator to be more skilled within the program. I think it is important to teach ourselves new skills, techniques, and program training. I learned that we cannot just depend on a class to teach us everything we want to know. If the information is out there, we have to go find is, educate ourselves, and then use it to the best of our abilities! Things do not just come to you, you have to grasp it.

I would love to create an abstract piece such as this and use it toward one of my projects or maybe just something to hang on my wall in my room. Something that does not have meaning to it, something that is created just to be.

Lyon, Matt. “How to Design an Abstract Collage.” Creative Bloq. 13 Oct. 2014. Web. 13 Oct. 2014.


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