Ongoing Research #5:

I love coming across different ways of creating a project, ways that veer off from the ordinary. In this article, they show 11 creative ways to invent an invitation design. I notice that within my design I limit myself and resources. I want to be able to reach all ends of the design spectrum such as this article shows.

The invitations displayed are handcrafted, cut, folded, sketched, hand painted, printed, and the list goes on. It was refreshing to see all new ideas that can influence myself and my work in later projects. Using a mix of modern and traditional skills and resources can bring out a unique style that we may discover within ourselves.

I believe that getting really creative with multiple varieties of design methods can truly bring out techniques that we may use everyday. I used to draw a lot in my free time and I feel that I have abandoned that skill. I would love to brush up on my free hand skills along with teaching myself other design techniques. Perhaps this will then branch off to new ideas and so on. That is what I need.

New techniques to bring me new ideas!

“11 Stunning Examples of Invitation Design.” Creative Bloq. 10 Oct. 2014. Web. 13 Oct. 2014.


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