Ongoing Research 3:

Readability according to size, combination of typefaces, and familiarizing yourself with type tools, are the three helpful hints in picking typography for the web. After reading this article I realized it is much more than just picking a font that works well. Fonts on screen look different than those that are printed. The contrast is different, the heirarchy, the visual pauses etc. There are so many typefaces to use but not all work well with web design. This is a great resource to help better understand the difference between design that is on screen and in print.

Like all design, when choosing a typeface, you must be sure that it is arranged and grouped with other suitable typefaces in order for it the be pleasing to the eye. Sticking to a theme would best explain this, depending on what the project is. A website’s typeface can clearly state its viewpoint just by collaborating its relationships with the other fonts and how well they work together on screen.

Clum, Luke. “3 Tips for Picking Typography for the Web.” The Best Designs. Web Design Inspiration, 6 June 2013. Web. 12 Oct. 2014.


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