Ongoing Research 2:

“We specialize in installations that combine physical interfaces with digital technology”

I read up on an article about Red Paper Heart because they are an art studio based in Brooklyn, which is where I wish to one day work out of. Red Paper Heart is an art studio composed of designers and coders who work together to combine interactivity and animation. The article explains how the studio chose an open space to work out of in order to help create a flow of ideas and creations. Seeing these pictures, I laughed. I enjoy seeing designers think outside of the box due to the fact that is my main problem area. These designers are quirky as their studio contains a variety of comical installations and decorations.

As a designer, I believe it is okay to have a different type of studio compared to any other regular business office. Your own work space is what gives you the atmosphere and energy to base off of. You want to be able to free your mind within your own house, so why not your studio?

“Inside Brooklyn’s Weirdest Design Studio.” Creative Bloq. Future Publishing Limited, 13 Oct. 2014. Web. 13 Oct. 2014.


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