Ongoing Research #4:

After finding an article that actually explained a designer’s step by step process, it gave me a better idea on how to go about approaching a project. First figure out the challenge and solution.

Do the research. INTENSIVE research on everything about the project possible from the history, the product itself, the origin, etc. Come up with sketches. Not just one or two but multiple, ten, maybe twenty, there should be no limit until you are satisfied with the direction you are taking.

Next, what colors and fonts will work with this product and why? Everything about the project should be able to be questioned and answered to the extent.

Keep track and record of everything you do throughout the process.

Within the final composition, mock it up on an actual product. Who is the audience and where will this product be seen? Who will buy it? Why will they buy it?

It is interesting to see the extensive step by step format with pictures, sketches, and final composition mock up that someone else has created. It gives a new type of perspective to see how others think and work throughout a project.

Cass, Jacob. “Design Process for My Vodka Premix Bottle.” Just Creative. 13 Oct. 2014. Web. 14 Oct. 2014.


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