Required Blog Post #3: My Manifesto

I want my work to be abstract in its idea rather than its design.

For my four desirable design companies I chose for my presentation, I included their manifestos within the first four slides. Their manifestos stated how they “emerge brands to the next level,” “take complex information and translate it into visually effective and intelligent design solutions,” “make the idea clear and simple, the design surprising and beautiful,” and “great design creates change for better – it solves problems, connects, seduces and transforms.” Going through the required reading by Stefan Sagmeister, I thought these three bullets listed below seemed key to everyday life:

  1. Help others
  2. Don’t hurt anybody
  3. Strive for happiness

These bullets reminded me of a book I once read called, “The Four Agreements.” In this book they stated the four agreements:

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t take anything personal
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best

I think all seven of these statements are simple yet strong in its meaning. These statements can not only apply to life itself but into design. Design is everywhere. Design is not only pencil and paper or mouse and keyboard. Design starts with an idea or a problem which in the end solves a problem or task. If you are true to yourself, are kind, and work hard… I believe in the end you will find inner peace and happiness. Things fall into place, right? Once these bullets are set into your mind and you understand the full meaning of them, that is when you will feel in sync with yourself.

My Manifesto:

Personally I want to_

  • help
  • invent
  • experience
  • see
  • participate
  • imagine
  • understand
  • find purpose
  • break tradition

I want my work to_

  • solve
  • create
  • shock
  • confuse
  • inspire
  • break tradition

To inspire another with both my work and myself would be a personal goal and accomplishment in my life. With everything I do, I want to break tradition and be smart with my design, not just the everyday typical designs we see everyday. Everything starts with design. Design starts with an idea. I want to develop multiple ideas that do more than just solve a problem. Most of us are comfortable with where our work stands or where it almost stands. We as designers need to break free of our comfort zone and break free of tradition. I want my work to be abstract in its idea rather than its design. Constant challenges should be faced daily. Constant questions must be asked daily. Constant ideas should be created daily. I want to be faced with these obstacles daily. The more I challenge myself and practice my ideas, the better I will become.

Therefore, I will be in sync with myself, and at peace = happiness.


I seem to still struggle with describing the type of work that I behold because I continue to strive for a variety of different mediums and projects within my portfolio. I thought at first that I was trying to find a certain style for myself, but I believe that a designer should not have to stick to one style because then you are boxed into one area of knowledge. I want to discover many areas of design. Not just flat, grid, and structured works done in Adobe programs. After researching several ways to incorporate illustration into projects, it pushes me to want to get back into practicing my freehand skills. I have a LOT of work to accomplish this year. I now understand that only I can push myself. I can be given all the tools and resources in the world, but it is up to me to teach myself and discover new ideas with these resources. After doing the most research that I have ever done in my life in the past two weeks, I now have a broader spectrum of understanding what my reasoning behind designing is.


One thought on “Required Blog Post #3: My Manifesto

  1. Excellent work, Michelle. I love the thought you put behind your mission statement. As you refine your manifesto to reuse in your materials, consider editing and condensing the writing to be precise, sharp and articulated. This is a wonderful starting point. Keep it up.


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