Ongoing Research #1:


This website contains their top 12 helpful resources for package design. Within these 12 websites hold more interesting areas of resources which is awesome because it is basically one website linking us to more inspirational designs!


This Week’s Progress:

After doing a lot of reading and research, I am thinking that the most interesting topics and areas of study I am looking forward to pursuing would be package design, illustration, and editorial design. When I first took the elective for package design, I was so excited to be so hands-on with my projects. After that class ended, I discovered that the class was to be discontinued due to not enough students signing up for the class. I thought that was ridiculous because that was one of the best classes that I got so much experience out of. I was so happy to have been able to take the class when I could. I hope to include all three of my interests in my senior project, although I do not have a specific idea of what I want to create exactly, but I do hope to include all of packaging, illustrating, and editorial designing! After learning this, I know there is a lot more researching to do within these topics along with learning and re-teaching myself certain tools and elements of design. Especially the GRID! I do own a few books that have been mentioned in the senior letters such as ‘making and breaking the grid.’ Perhaps purchasing a few more books will seriously only help me with my designs in the making.


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