Blog Post #2: Senior Project Reflections

Before I reflect, I just wanted to make note of certain words, phrases, or sentences that truly stood out to me as reading these parting letters:
-time management
-asking for help
-being proud of myself
-difference between good and great work
-“What is a Designer?”- Norman Potter
-paying attention to detail
-research everything you do
-don’t mismanage your time and then blame someone else for your failure to complete the work
-don’t be afraid to throw your job aside to progress as a designer
-self realization
-immerse yourself
-track your work
-develop life habits and routines
-Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
-When thinking about your idea, be as true to yourself as
possible. What do you love? What moves you? What are you
passionate about? What changed your life? What
shaped you into what you are now? All these questions will help to point
you to something that when you need to speak about it and
design it from within your soul, there will be actual sources to
pull from, rather then researching something you may not be
passionate about.
-if you don’t care now, you never will
-be confident
-never give up
As I read on through these letters, I noticed a lot of the previous students repeated a lot of the same thoughts, ideas, and advice. These listed above caught my attention the most and I felt best described me or could potentially help me. I love that I have these letters now to look back on to help me understand that I won’t be the only one who has felt like this and I am so positive that the rest of my class will be feeling similar emotions. I am SO SCARED about the time management due to the fact that I have two jobs and understand that somewhere I will need to make some sacrifices..and just need to figure out how. I need to take one day to stop, relax, sit down, and get my act together by writing out my schedule for the month, week, day, and duplicate it onto the google calendar, alarms etc. I need to make lists for myself on everything and research everything I am interested in and write everything down. There are a lot of times where I do not write everything down and I think that I will remember…and of course I don’t!
I think my biggest first issue is to know which direction I want to go for senior project. Yes there are many things I like to do and things that inspire me but to narrow it down..oh boy! I guess as time goes by we will wait and see!

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